Packing for a motorbike trip. Simple.

mid trip
Yoga headband used everyday – multi purpose and kept me warm too 

12 days on the back of a bike with little experience other than the odd camping trip. Although that experience allowed for “some” creature comforts including snacks, and a pure merino light weight woollen top and a yoga head band that doubled as fume and dust face protector.

Packing for a motorbike trip (12 days)

3 pairs of underwear – quick drying lightweight

2 bras

One lightweight woollen merino jumper

Gortex jacket (courtesy of my sister)

Sturdy hiking shoes

Light weight Kroten Walking shoes

Rubber thongs


Gloves – wind chill resistance ( I used my bicycle gloves) purchased another pair enroute

Light weight stretch jumper

2 x Long quick drying hiking pants

Light cotton bali pants

Socks – 3

Singlet tops x 2

T shirt – x2

Dark sunglasses – glare !

Snacks – sugar free date and nut – bag of Robern Menz Fruchocs

Toiletries – moisturizer, sunblock, soap, dedorant, mascara, lipstick (1)

First Aid kit – Panadol, antiseptic, mossie repellant,  Travellan, hand sanitizer, Betadine

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