When your heart sings and other karaoke lessons.

Six years it took me to take the plunge. Six long years of dreaming, scheming and planning. There was romance involved, there always is, but somehow my heart sang stronger and longer in 2017 and it was decided.

At age 52 – I realised that life was indeed marching on and that if I didn’t start to tick those list items off I would have successfully spent a greater portion of my life paying a mortgage with a career that I was pretty much non plussed about. Everything became an indicator of all the reasons I should make that move, and so having successfully completed a 2000km motor bike journey through Vietnam and Laos in December 2017 (and a typhoon) Up your leg, up your leg! 2000 kms the plan to relocate emerged.

How do you document six years of plans, dreams and ideas?  My business, The Food Manifesto has morphed into not only my life guide but also the vehicle by which I try to capture the actions required to undertake a move such as this.

I am a list person, I have lists for today, this week, this year and I must get around to that one day kind of list. Journals, books …notes jotted. Ideas scribbled on envelopes, serviettes and shoved into the dark recesses of my bag. Eventually I collate them all in one book, I date them so I can track how long I ponder, weigh up and eventually act.

So with that in mind and my ever present passion for cooking, planning, finding and eating food, this blog will, I hope, provide a culinary and otherwise insightful journey of my new beginnings. I hope that it inspires you to find yours. I have arrived …but not before I …



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I am a life explorer, food forager, choice crusader, eco educator, leader, teacher and head and neck cancer survivor. I've loved food all my life, my mum taught me good eating habits and how to cook nutritious food with loads of flavour. As a little girl I lived next door to a wonderful cook Pat Heidrich, I watched as she rolled pastry, filled cupcakes and prepared light as a feather sponges. My love of licking bowls and beaters started early. I grew up and explored my passion by studying cooking, trawling food markets, buying good equipment and experimenting with the tastes and cuisines I love. This blog is intended to share my passion, inspire you to try ...and fail, provide tips and every day good advice about cooking, shopping for ingredients, and planning menus for you, your family and friends. What's your food manifesto? talk to me about how I can help you.

3 thoughts on “When your heart sings and other karaoke lessons.

  1. Not enough people fulfill their dreams, your an inspiration Yvonne. I will follow you from afar. X

  2. Congrats Yvonne on the decision to take on your inspiring adventure. Having recently tested myself out of my comfort zone I wonder if (over a period of time) it becomes a need rather than a dream. I look forward to hearing how things shape up for you after a few months. Will you need to keep testing the boundaries? Good luck and keep blogging! x

    1. Thanks Nick – its never easy even though I knew sort of what to expect. Day by day – i hope it gets to a point where its just experiences and not boundaries per se … although knowing me that might be easier said than done 🙂

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