Bum Guns and Wet Wipes


I have travelled through Asia for many years and although I have always had a fascination for bathrooms & toilets from a young age, I was never adventurous enough to use the bum gun. I really wasn’t sure how to use it and it’s not something anyone is going to show or teach you. Well not in my life time anyway. So in the privacy of my own apartment I thought I’d give it a try. I had read somewhere that its locally known as a “bum gun” which got me thinking about its practicalities and its uses, at least now I knew its original intent!

Toilet paper or tissue does not go into the toilet here, everything used is put into a bin next to the toilet. The sewerage system can’t cope with it and frankly I think it’s a great idea. So once the job is done (no pun intended) you grab the gun off the wall and press the leaver and aim it somewhere in the vicinity of …well you know where. Now I suspect there is an art to this as my first few attempts resulted in not only me being drenched with water but the floor of the bathroom also getting a liberal dosing. So aim and fire. 

Then you dry off presumably. How you do this outside of the privacy of your own home remains a mystery to me. There is NEVER anything to dry your sell off with (note: always carry tissues with you as a female) so shake it baby, do a happy dance and pull your pants up. The other distinct advantage of this gun is the lack of toilet brushes here. It is a bit of a one machine does all and I think I am going to get used to it. Pity my cats aren’t living with me as they’d get a shot from it too, certainly would stop them scratching the furniture.

So remember your personal tissues and guns away!

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