Squirrels Playing & Slow Progress


As I sit in my bungalow the only guest in the resort, I have had time to reflect. No TV no interruptions which is a far cry from Saigon. I have been in Vietnam for a month and a lot has happened. The experience of living in Bangkok a life time ago quickly surfaced, that, and the help of a friend who has ensured I met the right people at the right time.

So, as I sit in solitude in Phu Quoc and listen to the rolling waves, watching squirrels playing in the palm trees, I am systematically working through the pros and cons of my new life.

It has taken me a few years to work out that life just never plays fair. You have the best intentions and then a curve ball comes thundering in just when you think it is safe to put your mitt down. So it has happened to me. Dreams, thoughts, the what if’s, all crashed to to the ground and now I pick through the rubble to find the high point. I am struggling with it, because I want to believe the dream hasn’t gone, but it has.

So a new dream – or one of the dozen I thought of whilst in Australia. The journey at this point seems insurmountable – a piece of jig saw puzzle from the old dream is needed. Create a new piece or create a new dream?

The infinity pool awaits and perhaps by the end of today answers will be provided. I have learnt that the reason for and of success is not what you do when all is going well, but what you do when all is not. I forget that the journey to get here has already been a big step forward and road blocks will always arise. By half I am already living the dream.

I will miss you – always.

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