Banana Icecream (1 ingredient)

I have been asked about an “icecream” for dysphagia. I found (via trial and error) that I could not tolerate cheaper icecream. It made me cough and aspirate quite badly. The dearer the icecream the better it went down … funny that, bit like Champagne (sparkling wine for you Australian’s) and perfume.


2 large bananas (make sure they are ripe and soft)

Cream ( optional ½ cup full fat pouring cream) good for additional calories if you need it.

This amount would make enough for 2-4 people.


Remove skins from the bananas and cut roughly into segments. Put the segments in a glass dish or a container you can put in the freezer.  Freeze overnight. 2-3 hours will probably work but over night is best.

Take frozen banana out of freezer and put it in a blender (one that’s strong enough to whip the frozen banana pieces into a creamy consistency. Persevere until you get that creamy consistency. It will go through a few stages where you think its not going to combine but it does. I have just acquired a new KitchenAid that does the job perfectly, see image below. If your budget can stretch to it, I would highly recommend getting one of these for general kitchen use.

Add any other additional ingredients at the point it becomes creamy.

Transfer this creamed mixture back into a container with a lid and put it back in the freezer to re freeze. Use as needed.

Additional Ingredients as desired:

Condensed milk & Cinnamon

Peanut Butter

Cacao powder – or Cocoa

Berry Powder

Coconut Powder

Honey, Nutella

Whatever you think you might like as long as you can swallow it!

This is the BEST accessory to have in your kitchen – does a job like this to perfection!

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