Cartoons (aka Tattoos) cause trauma in breast cancer, please…

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To say that tattoo markers are a daily reminder for breast cancer sufferers and that it’s traumatic, frankly, is very insulting to head and neck cancer patients who struggle with all manner of daily reminders on their cancer journey.

Before every one gets on their high horse, I have a family member going through breast cancer and a number of friends. I don’t begrudge anyone that the journey is hard and life altering – radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery …etc

Spare a thought for HNC patients who suffer loss of voice (yes the ability to speak), loss of the ability to eat or drink anything orally (ever again), the social impacts of this, not being able to swallow your own saliva, not being able to taste food, wine, anything, altering your smile, your speech. Major surgery on face, neck, jaw, teeth, resulting in severe scaring, appendages that have muscle / flesh removed to rebuild tongues and none of this can be hidden under jumpers, tops, kaftans, hats, sunglasses.

You want to talk about distressing impact – talk about that, Head & Neck Cancer patients can’t avoid permanent reminders, it’s in their face and mirrors every single day. One of the least known cancers, this story just put me in the “pissed right off” category.

World Head and Neck Cancer Day is July 27th – Perhaps some of the media outlets can do a story on that and raise some awareness of the cancer that causes millions of people worldwide more than a little distress and some reminders caused by bigger issues than some permanent ink spots. Rant over ….

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