I say tomato …

Tomato Concasse a fancy way of saying tomato sauce but with no skin, no seeds no kidding! you can watch how I do it here Skinning a slippery tomato

photography of tomatoes near basil leaves


1-2 kgs of fresh ripe tomatoes ( use as many as you like to make a beautiful summery sauce to freeze)


Score (cut a large cross) the top of each tomato and place in a large bowl.

Cover with boiling water and allow to ‘stand’ for about 5-10 minutes.

Take out each tomato and slowly peel the outer skin. Cut in half and then remove all the seeds.

You might like to plunge the tomatoes in cold water to make them easier to handle.

It takes a little while to do this but you will be left with beautiful fresh tomato pulp that is skinless and seedless. Use this pulp to make sauce or soup or both. I use this sauce in an eggplant curry, on eggs, as a soup it is very versatile and perfect to eat.

If you wish to make a sauce with it, add chopped onions and garlic to olive oil in a pan.

Add the tomato pulp, a bay leaf and salt. Simmer for about 30 minutes, remove bay leaf then blend.

Note: freezes for many months.

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