Are you thick? My morning smoothies and using a spoon.

selective focus photography of vegetable shake on brown wood board

My morning smoothie has become a ritual, and I have gone from disliking smoothies to actually missing them if I can’t access a blender or ingredients.

I have got this one down to exactly how I like it with just the right amount of sweetness and protein. It sits around the IDDSI level 2 or 3 – for me that’s perfect. If you want to make it thicker again add chia seeds. You can even make it to pudding consistency if that’s more your thing.

International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)

Oat Liquid ( made by soaking handfuls of rolled oats in filtered water and then blitzed in the blender) 250 – 300 mls

1 quarter segment of a medium avocado

1 bannana

25grams of protein whey isolate

1 handful of greens ( spinach, parsley, rocket, silver beet leaves)

1 good teaspoon of peanut paste (butter)

1/3 teaspoon of mushroom powder ( ie a really small amount)

4 dried prunes ( I like to soak them in boiling water for about half an hour before use, I find they vitamise better and the syrupy water adds a nice sweetness)

2 small scoops of cacao powder ( optional or every second day)

Blitz this for about 3 minutes and pout into a glass or as I do, a transportable container that comes with me and allows me to drink it over time. For a giggle you can watch my first ever You Tube Week 1 – making smoothies ! Wow things have changed since then.

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