Turmeric Lentil & Lemon Soup Lens culinaris – Lentil

The humble lentil, it always reminds me of Neil out of the The Young Ones which will only make sense to a certain age group. I hope that we have progressed from Mike, Vyvyan, Neil and Rick’s kitchen onto incorporating more lentils into our diet.

As a head and neck cancer patient I was (as we all are) advised to eat lots of protein. Most of us think of meat when protein in mentioned, but that presents a small problem when you can’t chew and you can’t swallow, enter the humble lentil – Lens culinaris.

Lentils are high in vitamin B6, fibre, folate and protein. They are also a wonderful source of vitamin C and selenium whilst also containing antioxidants.

So with that in mind I have chosen this incredibly aromatic and filling soup for this month’s soup. Members of The Food Manifesto will receive this recipe and methodology for their August Foodmap toolkit. You can join up here

I have used “French Style ” lentils here as they were on special at my local market. Puy lentils look very similar and like ‘grapes’ appellation controlee, they originate from the locale of Le Puy in France. I opted for this more inexpensive option.

Using French style lentils gave the soup finesse with a wonderful colour along with activated turmeric adding not only additional depth of colour but also healing properties.

Unlike Neil from The Young Ones who believed sleeping caused cancer and hence was an insomniac, we have come a long way to undertsanding the affects of food on our bodies. This is a really simple way to get more protein in your diet. I had to vitamise my soup as the whole lentils made me cough but the subtle flavour was still there. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Heavy man.

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