Dry Needling, Acupuncture & Dysphagia – I’ll try anything once.

I will try anything once, except bungee jumping and leaping out of an aeroplane …nup, nope, no way. I coined myself the “Code Blue Princess” when in hospital after and during my cancer treatment. I have always been funny with needles except acupuncture and dry needling I seemingly have no fear. Both of which I swear by.

I had acupuncture to aid my saliva production after radiotherapy (for me it worked). Sean put needles in my fore fingers and ears. It helped my dry mouth and now nearly two years post treatment, my saliva production is going into over drive. I still suffer dry mouth but infrequently. I have also gone back to hot yoga and that is where this story starts.

I am flexible, I can wrap my hands (interlock my fingers) around my feet with fully extended legs. The last couple of practices I have done two things – 1. the full splits both sides and 2. turtle pose. Turtle pose (Kurmasana) is where my problems likely started. This pose was new to me and involves tucking your arms under your legs and interlocking your hands behind your back whilst lying flat on the floor. I must over extended and my right elbow a few days later was in agony.

Today I paid a visit to my physiotherapist, Fiona – 15 minutes in her hands, some kinesiology tape and dry needling & It is feeling better already. Which leads me to the point of this post, I thought why can’t acupuncture assist with dysphagia ?

There is scant information about this, just as there is scant information about yoga asanas and dysphagia. I know the yoga is helping just from what I am feeling, my soft palate is softening, fibroids are more flexible and my neck has greater mobility.

So I am now on a quest to find someone who has practiced this ancient technique that might have some answers. With the help of my physiotherapist I have a “bloke” I am going to try. It can’t hurt, surely after what I have been through a few needles in my neck ( if that’s where they put them) can’t be that bad. I am booking in to see him early February and will keep you posted. Namaste

Note: My swallow as we speak has gone backwards a bit over the past few weeks. I have noticed an extraordinary amount of mucous/saliva build up too. It will be interesting to see any changes that take place.

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