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I’ve published my first book and it’s how I plan to help hundreds of others, one bowl at a time.

I lay in bed convalescing I had had robotic surgery, I’d had 1/3 of my tongue removed, both tonsils, a tumour the size of a large walnut and 30 lymph nodes along my neck and jawline. They then roasted me until I was tender on the inside and the skin was crackly on the outside (Radiotherapy).

Filled me with Chemotherapy drugs and then poked a feeding tube into my abdomen.

The title came about as I lay there thinking about all the food and beverage I could not consume. I wanted to write a cook book for people who had trouble eating after head and neck cancer. I wasn’t to know it was called Dysphagia. Who would, unless you suffer from it.

I had no carer, no one to make me regular meals or do my shopping or decide how and what I was going to eat. For 15 months I tipped plastic food into a feed tube and one day I just decided I had had enough. The pain was under control, the desire to eat something, anything by mouth was all consuming. Funny how when you can’t chew or swallow anything, it starts to take over every waking moment.

What I didn’t know was, that it wasn’t going to be just a matter of cooking up a lamb chop with a bit of mashed potato and peas. Soft foods maybe, but as I discovered, some types of meat were easier than others, cooking methods were better than others, sweet potato mash definitely easier than regular potatoes. Soft noodles I could not (and still can’t easily) manage at all. Long grain rice easier than short.

I counted myself lucky, I could manipulate food, I was already a good cook and knew a fair bit about nutrition.

High protein, calorie dense, small and regular meals I could do, the physical aspect of actually “eating” was beyond me. So I had to re teach myself, and so I wrote a book and a program to help others.

Easy Follow Easy Swallow is my cook book and how I transitioned back to real eating book and its available in E format on Amazon. My Mind Food Body Program is an intense and detailed plan on how I went about transitioning. I look forward to sharing more news soon.

Soup Hugs . x

Published by The Food Manifesto

I am a life explorer, food forager, choice crusader, eco educator, leader, teacher and head and neck cancer survivor. I've loved food all my life, my mum taught me good eating habits and how to cook nutritious food with loads of flavour. As a little girl I lived next door to a wonderful cook Pat Heidrich, I watched as she rolled pastry, filled cupcakes and prepared light as a feather sponges. My love of licking bowls and beaters started early. I grew up and explored my passion by studying cooking, trawling food markets, buying good equipment and experimenting with the tastes and cuisines I love. This blog is intended to share my passion, inspire you to try ...and fail, provide tips and every day good advice about cooking, shopping for ingredients, and planning menus for you, your family and friends. What's your food manifesto? talk to me about how I can help you.

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