Talk to the Foot & Number 40 – what really happens in an Asian Massage joint

When you have had as many massages as I have you start to know what works for you and what doesn’t, and when you strike gold or a really good masseuse you tend to go back, or in my case a few times. You might recall my time on Phu Quoc island Squirrels Playing & Slow ProgressContinue reading “Talk to the Foot & Number 40 – what really happens in an Asian Massage joint”

53 Articles and Red Flanegan

My health has been 45% most of my journey this past three months. Dodged with chronic tonsillitis, heavy chest infection, sneezing and coughing. Despite numerous trips to the doctor and hospital for an Endoscopy, steroid nasal spray, saltwater sinus wash, Codeine, Antihystamenes,  not much has changed except my ability to continue to get up eachContinue reading “53 Articles and Red Flanegan”

Meeting the Queen & Vespa Riding Dogs

  Despite the idea of travelling long term and its romantic connotations, I needed a break. I booked a week in Danang (north of HCMC) – beach side hotel, with infinity pool. I have been sick pretty much the last 3 months and I needed a reprieve from noise and pollution.  I called upon aContinue reading “Meeting the Queen & Vespa Riding Dogs”

Why? and other oddities

I am nearing my first VISA run – you need to leave the country every three months. I know many expats find this tiresome, I actually love the opportunity to plan my “where to next” – and for me this November I have narrowed it down to Cambodia (obvious choice) but I did not getContinue reading “Why? and other oddities”

The gentle art of not giving a Phuc (sic)

If Vietnam has taught me one lesson it is this, whatever happened yesterday has no bearing on what will happen today. I have learnt a few life lessons – well, when I say learnt, more of an “A ha” moment – I now know to always trust my gut instinct and actually ACT on it. EasierContinue reading “The gentle art of not giving a Phuc (sic)”

Squirrels Playing & Slow Progress

As I sit in my bungalow the only guest in the resort, I have had time to reflect. No TV no interruptions which is a far cry from Saigon. I have been in Vietnam for a month and a lot has happened. The experience of living in Bangkok a life time ago quickly surfaced, that,Continue reading “Squirrels Playing & Slow Progress”

Bum Guns and Wet Wipes

  I have travelled through Asia for many years and although I have always had a fascination for bathrooms & toilets from a young age, I was never adventurous enough to use the bum gun. I really wasn’t sure how to use it and it’s not something anyone is going to show or teach you.Continue reading “Bum Guns and Wet Wipes”

Regional Travel, Food and other substances …

I love the regional flights in Vietnam, it is a normal daily occurrence for many I have discovered in this wonderful city. “Carry on” luggage helps and makes it pretty much pain free. They are cheap and so far reliable. My last domestic trip to Hanoi booked at the last minute. The thing I doContinue reading “Regional Travel, Food and other substances …”

Grab and other forms of communication.

  Australia doesn’t have GRAB and Vietnam no longer has UBER.  Another thing I never did in Australia was use an Uber. Don’t really no why, no justification for it really. Maybe because I lived across the road from a pub. So for me to download the App and start using GRAB here in SaigonContinue reading “Grab and other forms of communication.”

Finding My Nemo …week one.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or in my case her wallet. In fact I didn’t lose it, it just went missing for a heart stopping 15 – 20 minutes. I managed the flights via Singapore (25 minutes between planes and Terminal 1 to Terminal 3), customs, immigration and then IContinue reading “Finding My Nemo …week one.”

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