I have arrived …but not before I …

The weeks and months leading up to departing Australian shores were a list riddled whirlwind. Event management is one of my stronger skills and all of those came into play with this my most important event to date; travelling. First to move out of my home and find suitable accommodation for Squid and Rocket (cats)Continue reading “I have arrived …but not before I …”

When your heart sings and other karaoke lessons.

Six years it took me to take the plunge. Six long years of dreaming, scheming and planning. There was romance involved, there always is, but somehow my heart sang stronger and longer in 2017 and it was decided. At age 52 – I realised that life was indeed marching on and that if I didn’tContinue reading “When your heart sings and other karaoke lessons.”

Chicken and Corn Soup

My version based on Helen Gregor’s original recipe it’s one of my favourite soups to make all year round you will need the following kitchen utensils. stock pot or pressure cooker large stainless steel bowl medium stainless steel bowl large strainer Ingredients: Stock or Soup Base 1kg chicken or chicken pieces 2 litres of waterContinue reading “Chicken and Corn Soup”

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