Eating Rites.

At a time when I should have been eating I wasn’t. I had dropped to my lowest weight just above 50kgs. It was following head and neck cancer surgery, removal of a tumour, both tonsils, 1/3rd of my tongue, 30 lymph nodes, 30 rounds of radiotherapy and 6 weeks of chemotherapy. Eating was the lastContinue reading “Eating Rites.”

How to read a recipe.

Read it through from start to finish. Read it though from start to finish …no, that’s not a typo, I can always remember at college being given a test of some sort that said: Please read through the entire assignment before starting. Only to find that if you didn’t, you would have missed the bitContinue reading “How to read a recipe.”

Chicken Thighs and Kitchen Knives – organising your kitchen pantry

My name is five spice – Michael McInytres’ skit on herbs and spices inspired this blog, that and an hilarious conversation about chicken thighs with my mum.

I have arrived …but not before I …

The weeks and months leading up to departing Australian shores were a list riddled whirlwind. Event management is one of my stronger skills and all of those came into play with this my most important event to date; travelling. First to move out of my home and find suitable accommodation for Squid and Rocket (cats)Continue reading “I have arrived …but not before I …”

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