May I have some more serviettes please? Week # 4 post treatment.

Today marks my mum’s 89th birthday and I am eternally grateful that she has been here for this most horrendous journey of mine with Head and Neck Cancer. This week marks week four post treatment. Although I have received conflicting information regarding what to expect, mostly it’s been accurate but to be fair, recuperation isContinue reading “May I have some more serviettes please? Week # 4 post treatment.”

Chicken and Corn Soup

My version based on Helen Gregor’s original recipe it’s one of my favourite soups to make all year round you will need the following kitchen utensils. stock pot or pressure cooker large stainless steel bowl medium stainless steel bowl large strainer Ingredients: Stock or Soup Base 1kg chicken or chicken pieces 2 litres of waterContinue reading “Chicken and Corn Soup”