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What would you think if I could help you transition from PEG to mouth with food?

When you are told to eat more protein, high calorie food, what does that look like?

What happens when you get sick of ice cream? Yes, it does happen & that’s only IF you can eat it. What do you do when you eat alone? Don’t feel like food, dread meal times, dry mouth, mucous, constipation, allergies to commercially prepared foods.

Trial and error is the way most of us tackle this, I wanted a better way, a community of people who wanted to use whole food as their medicine and get back to oral eating as soon as they could. What other therapies are out there to assist the transition and set you up for your best version of you in the future?

What if there was one place you could go to get food ideas, recipes, shopping lists, tips, tricks to make that all important step toward eating real food again?

What if there were steps simply laid out to guide you. Lists of items you would need to help in your transition? What if we could cut through the clutter? Direct access to the best information, support services and forum groups with others that can and have shared your journey?

What if together we had a plan to work towards getting that PEG removed? Suggested lists for grocery purchases at all stages of the healing process. From starting out to full transition. Inspiration and support to try new and different foods.

Providing you with the tools to take charge of your own nutrition. Supporting your caregiver by providing ideas to help them help you? Teaching you how to make basic, nutritious meals that form the back bone of your new feeding journey.

Food rituals for me include the planning, purchasing and preparing of food. These simple steps pave the way for improved taste, texture and swallow by focusing on all the senses and not just the swallow. Whether you are eating solo or with a caregiver, family or all of the above.

The Food Manifesto is just that, manifesting ideas and insights into helping people with dysphagia. Providing inspiration instead of dread. Eating real food and tackling the mechanics of swallow and chew one meal at a time.

Membership Success Path – What can you expect?


Sharing stories, hope and inspiration along the way.


Progress, guidance, support and targeted focus to achieve your goals.


Food coaching & resources for getting organised.

I do a lot of research and testing with my food and auxillary services, here I am asking a HNC support group in New Zealand for their advice.
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