Our Story

Founded by Yvonne McClaren to educate people about using ethical and earth friendly products when preparing food in every day life, and carrying that knowledge when travelling, foraging and eating locally and abroad.

Formerly a corporate executive in the not for profit sector, Yvonne redirected her love of food, cooking, travel and ecology into a business, helping others to cook, travel and eat with earth friendly product.

Yvonne studied Hospitality after leaving school and acquired a Diploma in Hospitality Business Management specialising in wine making and food and wine appreciation. The course offered meticulous chef training using French culinary methods, menu planing & kitchen design alongside the usual business study units of finance and marketing.

Yvonne’s career took an unusual turn after graduating from hotels and tourism to the not for profit sector where she excelled at turning member based organsiations around financially – using food and wine within events as one of her tactics. It proved a wining formula that was to be tested again and again. Keen to teach and mentor others using her knowledge of food/ kitchens / wine and sourcing of product – The Food Manifesto was born.

A labour of love that continues to develop with each airline ticket purchased.

Sapa Vietnam – 2017
Life Explorer : Food Forager