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Photo by Tim Mossholder – thank you Tim

For me, a big part of “getting over” my cancer was getting my PEG tube removed. In the end it took 14 months and it fell out of its own accord, in an Ambulance on the way to hospital. I asked that they didn’t try and put it back. I felt within myself it was time to stop using it.

However, before I got to that point I had to research and experiment with smoothies and real food before I could transition back to oral feeding. So here’s the thing, I could not wait to get off the “commercially prepared liquid enteral nutrition formulas” also known as “artificial food”. Yes, that is a mouthful and the more research I did the more I realised I had to get back on to real food before I could start to heal and feel better.

I will preface this next section by saying I am eternally grateful for my surgeon suggesting I have a PEG put in. If I had not done so it is pretty unlikely I would be here writing this today. Secondly to the manufacturers of “commercially prepared liquid enteral nutrition formulas” – thankyou, for without your “artificial food” I also would not be here to write this.

About 3- 4 months into PEG feeding I started to really miss the social aspect of food and eating. I was also missing cups of tea and all those beautiful moments you take for granted with food. I took a long time to heal and with all the ups and downs I started to research a passion of mine and that was food as medicine, which was the whole and sole of my business The Food Manifesto. It took four years to realise my business names’ purpose.

Extract from my forthcoming book : Easy Follow Easy Swallow

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